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Updated: Mar 13

UD Las Palmas reinvents itself to offer its fans a new way to enjoy its games for those fans who cannot go to the stadium together with the Spanish start up KOP STADIUM.

At KOP STADIUM we are on a mission to build the world's largest decentralized stadium through a network of bars and restaurants, where fans can: find the games they want to watch, book tables with VIP visibility to the TVs and enjoy their first drink included.

UD Las Palmas sees this agreement as a strategic move to reinvent itself and offer those fans who cannot make it to the stadium a new way to enjoy their games. KOP STADIUM will not only allow Canarian fans to experience its team's soccer games in a special way away from the island, but will also help the Club in its expansion program and access to its global fan base.

Federico de Vicente, CEO and Founder of KOP, comments: "The value proposition is even more complete, we are building gamification and watch & shop experiences during games that will help create a closer relationship between clubs and their decentralized fans".

This collaboration between KOP STADIUM and UD Las Palmas is just the beginning.

KOP expects to close Q2 2024 with 300 venues on its platform in preparation for the Eurocup in Germany. With 2025 being the year in which KOP will make the leap to Mexico and the United States in preparation for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The goal is to become the #1 bar and restaurant reservation platform for all fans who do not make it to the stadiums to watch the World Cup matches.

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